Oxbridge International College




Mr. Shyam Khadka

When i see through my past, one of the best things that has ever happened to me is Oxbridge. Being the student of very first batch, I had cherished every privileges of being nutured, cared, guided, and being considered as familia. The pavement of the stage I have reached today was first paved by Oxbridge. I have never felt iota of disagreement on my decision to be part of Oxbridge. The senior management, teachers and all other faculties and staffs are so humble and down to earth, one could hardly receive such positive attitude elsewhere. Even today, after around 9 years , I am still cared and loved as before. The most important thing when you are in the growing verge of your age is the way you are suggested and guided , the way you are given opportunity and raised , the way you are understood and praised, which I believe Oxbridge have never let it down to provide. I was, am and will be always proud to be Oxbridigian.

Mr. Aruj Singh / National Player / Also associates with Jaulakhel Youth Club - Student

Futsal National player and professional football player

Futsal is very much newly groomed and manifested game worldwide and is being an essential part of the new generations these days.
As such its a portable football form that makes easy excess to all teenage to adult.
I personally as a national player of this game would like to recommend all the new generation to adopt this for your all round physical and mental development.
I am highly proud of being the part of futsal and the student of Oxbridge College due to which I am this today.

Mrs. Rusha Dangol - Student

I feel proud to pass some words about this college. The promises about the best academic and effective curriculum activities can be found here. It provides the best teaching and learning method without any compromises on the highly qualified and experienced teachers with the supportive staffs. Provisions of the better infrastructure for the full development of all the students. It makes the students “The Best” and proves that the quality education can be achieved here.

Miss. Najma Rai / Psychologist - Student

Finally, it’s time to bid “Adieu” to this college and all its members. 14 years of amazing school life has ended and I’m more than excited to enter the real world. It has been an amazing journey of two years in Oxbridge. I have learned and experienced many wonderful things. I have expanded my horizon of knowledge and grown into a confident young adult. It has been an honor to study here at Oxbridge /Bright Vision in bachelors’ level and I hope you feel the same way and have a wonderful college years. May God bless you all?

Mr. Pawan Niraula - Student

I have no bound of my happiness to be a part of Oxbridge International College. It is the best place where I set my future bright. I have been learning so many ideas in this college. Teachers, here never teach to rote rather they instruct, guide and help to understand the matter. As a student of OIC, I proudly call all SLC graduates and concerned parents, Oxbridge mold the future so don’t lost in the crowd be part of OIC and feel the difference.

Miss. Manzeela Ghimire - Student

Being a part of Oxbridge Int’l College has been a wonderful journey that paved my path of future to a wonderful today. The homely environment helped me to think outside the box and to escape the ordinary. The greatest thing I learned here is, “hardwork, patience and determination is the key to success”. Well equipped infrastructure and teachers here helped me learn and gain more breaking every odds. Oxbridge helped me equating the assets and liabilities of the life fighting introvertness I had before. I assure, whoever gets here will definitely be proud of being a part of this institution.


Miss. Umisha Pandey - Student

Oxbridge International College to put its ‘students first’, providing excellent opportitunities, both academic and extra-curricular. The first year I have spent at Oxbridge is the most enjoyable. I was not only encouraged to excel in my academics but also in a number of co-curricular activities. The teaching faculties, who are always willing to go that extra steps, are committed to seeing their students succed. Oxbridge excels at preparing students to continue their education beyond their years at Oxbridge. The atmosphere that the students, teaching faculties, the staff and the wider community creat at Oxbridge ensurse that the college will continue to aim high.

Mr. Raju Karki - Student

Oxbridge International College has a welcomeing environment for its students that make starting a new college an exciting experience. The helpful teachers, who work individually with students, and the very wide variety of subjects to choose from, give you the best opportunity to make the most of college. Besides, there are many activites and clubs that students are encouraged to get involved in. I personally enjoy basketball and project work, which are a small handful of the activites that you are offered at Oxbridge. The people are on of the best aspects 8 8 – that Oxbridge International College has to offer, whether it’s the teachers or the students. I personally find Oxbridge as an excellent platform with an amazing learning and social environment and endless opportunities to help each individual succeed.

Mr. Nokh Bahadur khatri - Guardian

As such I have been in a long relation with Oxbridge college and it’s my pleasure to be a part of this institute in many ways. In a time I too admitted my child here and have been doing very good. In the beginning, I dought my son that how he does cope the new family and the situation. However, as time passed by my worries turned out to be baseless. Actually, I have been very much impressed by the progress that my Son has made at Oxbridge. The excellent teaching and the personal attention given to him have made the difference. I congratulate Oxbridge Team on giving a world class education at affordable cost.

Principal/ Deuti vidya Mandir, Surkhet

Mrs. Susmita Niraula / Taplejung - Guardian

I was impressed by the high standards and expectations set for the children, and by the warm and friendly atmosphere in the classroom. My congratulation goes to Oxbridge and BVC and all the teaching faculties for their commitment and experties!

Mr. Ramesh Bajgain / Lalitpur -Guardian

It was my considerable privilege to send my daughter last year to Oxbridge/Bright Vision College for bachelors studies because it has been one the few colleges in the Kathmandu valley taking an innovative approach to imparting education. As an inquisitive parent, I had had a wonderful opportunity to observe the class and discuss the specifics of innovative education with staff and management. Although my visits were short, I was impressed by the high standards and expectations set for the children, and by the warm and friendly atmosphere in the classroom. Since then years have been passed and I am with this institution for many reasion. My congratulations to Oxbridge and all the teaching faculties for their commitment and experties!

Mrs. Sanga Kunwar / Rautahat - Guardian

I was a bit worried when my daughter insisted on getting admission for further studies after the SLC at Oxbridge International College. The reason was very simple one: that it was a new brand college for me to chiise. However, as time passed by my worries turned out to be baseless. Actually, I have been very much impressed by the progress that my daughter has made at Oxbridge. The excellent teaching and the personal attention given to her have made the difference. The arrangement and the facilities are fantastic. That’s what we have a kind of inner attachment with this college for many years. I congratualte Oxbridge team on giving a world class education at afforadable cost.

Mrs. Rohini Dhungel / Educationist - Guardian

Oxbridge International Higher Secondary School is full of amazing platforms and challenges to explore which provides a great learning opportunity to our kids.

Miss. Bhumika Nepal - Student

“You can either be proud of graduating from a prestigios college or you can make your college proud of having prestigious alumni like you- the choice is yours” Each and every moment spent in Oxbridge are very special and precious to me. I will miss each and every moments of my life in this college.

Mr. Bimal Jung Karki - HOD/ECA Department

All colleges follow a particular curriculum for their academic activites. The syllabus for classroom sessions and examinations depends on the curriculum followed by the college. Oxbridge college follow the international system of education, which is different from the central syllabus followed in most of the other colleges .This International syllabus will determine the textbook the child uses for studying and the format of the examination followed by the college . If you ask any good teacher/educationist, he/she will tell you that there are plenty of things that the child should learn, which is not found in text book education. There are lots other skills and activities that students have to learn . It is for this sole reason that the Oxbridge college have plenty of extra-curriculum activities


Mr. Jasang Sunuwar / Basketball National player & Associates with Nepal Police Club - Student

Basketball has become popular for a number of reasons: Basketball is fun to play: Basketball has a very fast and exciting pace of play. Also, each player on the court gets to play both offense and defense and the roles of each player are only loosely defined. So to enhance my basketball talent oxbridge college have given the opportunity and am really enjoying what I am doing.

Mr. Dinesh Khadka - Student

Oxbridge International College has been a great contribute to the development of my personality. At was full of learning and grooming oneself. My four years at oxbridge were great and a memory to a Cherish for lifetime. And, really Speaking was to be the part of my immense luck

Mr. Abartan Dhakal - Student

Since day 1 at Oxbridge, I had been fortunate to learn and feel motivated by so many amazing teachers who helped me understand the contexts of each subjects in more interactive and fun manner. Removing the traditional rote studies and introducing interactive and modern technolgies to teach us, surely was the best factor that helped everyone understand all the context of the subjects.Alongside the studies, I had been pushed to pass my own limitation and achieve the goals that I always dreamt to reach. Oxbridge helped me shape my future alongside taught me how to live and utilise the knowledge in the real world. I feel proud to call myself an ex Oxbridgian because that’s where my dreams were identified and was supported to reach them./IT scholar, Australia

Miss. Shradhda Aacharya Management- 2013 Batch Topper ICCR Scholarship Holder-Sardar Patel University-MBA - Student

I believe it to be my fortune to be the part of Oxbridge Intl’ College where the entire faculty and department leaves no stone unturned to make us grow. My two years at Oxbridge have been a wonderful experience of learning and growing as a management student. Huge respect, love and devotion for entire teaching and non-teaching staff. It’s their efforts that had made me a motivated and professional person I am now.

Miss. Puja Subedi - Student

I am really glad to be the part of Bright Vision. Amazing learning environment and great expertise helped me to choose. my career path towards the field of Social Work. I am really proud to be called as Bright Visions

Mr. Sujan KC - Student

Its great experience to be part of Bright Vision. It was my gateway path towards my career where I got to find out my skills under the guidance of professional teachers and great team.

Miss. Rojina Paudel - Student

Choosing Oxbridge foundation was the best decision that I ever had. A place where I felt like home and teachers like my family. Being the part of this foundation there was a great turning point throughout my life. Teachers here are motivating and inspiring . Their guidance is something which always pushes towards achieving life goals. And I am very thankful for everyone who helped and motivated me throughout the journey in Oxbridge foundation to give proper shape in me.

Mr. Pradip Chalise - Student

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. Oxbridge International HS School is one of the best institutions to provide the Key for the door of freedom. Oxbridge has provided me lots of strengths and Quality to compete in global market through management education. Pradeep Chalise Management- 2013 Batch EDCIL Scholarship Holder-SIBM Bengaluru-MBA

Miss. Sony Rai - Student

Ability will take you up there Character will keep you up there If you graduate from Oxbridge college No one dare to compete you out there.

Miss. Aarti Kunwar - Student

I feel fortunate to be a part of the Oxbridge family. With the proper guidance of all the respected teachers and authorities, Oxbridge allowed me to bloom myself. There would be no better place than Oxbridge for me to groom myself. It was an amazing two years under the guidance of amazing teachers and a homely environment. Before I entered here I was just a caterpillar, but the journey helped me to transform into a butterfly. All thanks to Oxbridge! – Science / Batch 2074