Oxbridge International College

Message from the Chairperson

“I am means not only the body but the thought, I am means not only the feeling but the consciousness”

Dear education lovers,

Education that lead us to these direction is what I say is an education. Until and unless people understand the self or reach the level of consciousness they don’t mean they got education. Education I mean should nourish people to maintain peace, bliss and purity of life.

Education is mere a learning nevertheless there are two ways of doing that, learning knowledge or learning information. Learning knowledge is learning to understand, this means to understand the human value and the destination of life. Learning information is banking teaching; it’s just a data base teaching learning procedure. So far our understanding in education is, we must learn the human value, we must learn the culture and the destination of life and ultimately that leads people to live their purity of life. This is the way of education system we value. Please do touch us for this process of life skill system. Thank you.

Dr. Krishna panday
Founder Principal