Oxbridge International College

Our Achievments

Oxbridge International school & Bright Vision International College are reputed educational institutions run by educational experts and intellectuals. They offer international qualification and concern over intellectual and emotional development of an individual learner.

Academic Excellence
We claim to be a successful institution by providing evidence that we finally are able to achieve outstanding academic results in HSEB & T.U. examination. We have received 100% pass results most often. & have maintained outstanding result regularly. Simply we say it’s no fail college. We can guarantee for the quality education. We create a passion for learning and teaching among the highly qualified academic team and the knowledge seekers.

Student’s Success
We feel pleased to hear that our student Mr. Shyam Khadka has successfully scored 92% in CPT, CA, ICAL, Board examination, India, in December 2012. Oxbridge family congratulates him for his great achievement and wishes him for his bright future. Numerous of students in different categories have successfully sworn the national and international degrees and have been doing very good in their sector. We congratulate them all and wish them all.

Sporting and Creative Activities
We believe on perfect results. A part from this, we have got some evidence that Oxbridge are better sport individuals. We have organized different sporting activities inside and outside of college with outstanding results. We also organize creative events. In other words Oxbridge is better academia for lovers of art, creative writers, and social workers and supports those who have extra endeavor. Especially in the sector of basketball we are the number one in Kathmandu valley. It’s being the hub of national player students in foots all , football and basketball. We proud of our national player students.
Skill- based Professional Training
We avoid rote learning methodology in our institution. On top of that we are one of the registered training centers of London Chamber of Commerce Industries International Qualification (LCCI IQ). We offer international qualifications to the students who are studying at Oxbridge & Bright Vision. The professional training with LCCI IQ, students will develop the skill and professionalism. Oxbridge has provided training to the students of XI & XII and Bachelors level students are also going to start LCCI training shortly. Now they are different among the big bulk who is seeking for opportunities.