Oxbridge International College



Oxbridge is a college on the move, with the advantage of a wide range of subjects, specialist classes with expert teachers and a breadth of competition that encourages the development of excellence. While much effort goes into that top end, the college also has the capacity and structure to offer a wide range of support programmers for those who require additional help to reach their goals. I am quite certain that the college is set to produce creative, well-qualified, confident and engaged students who understand the rights and responsibility of good citizenship in a modern society.


It is my great pleasure to write a few words for Oxbridge International College, run under the management of Oxbridge Education Foundation. This college has been established with a view to establish networking with esteemed schools/universities within and outside of Nepal striving for quality education to enable their students to overcome the challenges of the 21st century and complete themselves globally.

Oxbridge is planning to run different programs under the same umbrella organization, ranging from Montessori Level to graduate studies. This college is managed by a host of highly qualified, experienced faculty and staff. Situated at the heart of Lalitpur district, the college offers a variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities for the overall personality development of the students. Apart from academics, Oxbridge family firmly believes in including typical Nepalese social norms, values and culture in the mind of the students so that their inner discipline automatically become inherent in them. Hence Oxbridge family impacts the kind of education that enables the students to become independent in future. I wish Oxbridge College family the very best to achieve their goals.


I am fully confident that Oxbridge students will be the leaders of tomorrow in a modern world. The education students receive at Oxbridge equips them to face the challenges of the 21st century and to fully contribute to society. Oxbridge is a truly modern college. Students have available to them a sufficient number of workstations and a very powerful internet connection to enhance their learning and help them become proficient with the high technology skills needed for modern society.


Education plays a very important role in the development of nation. It has been proved that a country can develop even without natural resources if it has educated and efficient manpower.
Oxbridge, a college in a private sector, has been established with a view to imparting quality education to the students. Theoretical knowledge, unless it is put into practice in real life, does not serve the purpose of education fully.

The college, therefore, aims at creating an environment where students can get opportunity to analyze problems and find solution themselves, and where they can explore their potential and develop their personality. It wants to produce students who have confidence, self-esteem and a strong sense of responsibility towards society and the nation. Creativity, critical thinking and innovative ideas are highly encouraged.

The college has excellent physical facilities and proper academic environment to assure quality education. It has a strong team of dedicated, committed and devoted founders/teachers who have long and rich experience in the field of education. I am confident that the college is capable of meeting the demand of quality education in this competitive world. I wish Oxbridge a bright future.


You have rightly taken an interest in Oxbridge International College which puts a high premium on the core values underpinning the world we live in, sets positive expectations and expects high standards of discipline. The college prides itself on providing a safe, caring and supportive environment where students are encouraged and challenged to reach their full potential. It also promotes harmonious and enriching social relationships, leadership opportunities and character development. These include respect, honesty, responsibility, loyalty and reliability.