Oxbridge International College

Message from the Chairperson

The goal of education is to improve the conditions of life and to make the society better. Oxbridge College, established under the mangagement of Oxbridge Foundation, is out to produce a remarkable number of skilled human resources directly committed to the service of human kind. We concern over the physical, emotional and intellectual development of the individual student.

The students of Oxbridge have been entertaining the international qualifications. They have learnt the culture of learning and serving with the best teaching methodology. The achievement of this goal begins with the expectation that every student will actively pursue personal excellence by acquiring the knowledge, skill and values the college provides. The learning culture of individual student coupled with the strong partnership between teachers, students and their parents in and out the college creating a good relationship which is one of the key characteristics of the institution.

Overall, Oxbridge as a leading academic aims to produce youth ready, willing and able to assume useful roles in society and to be responsible citizens. We, at Oxbridge Foundation are open to discuss on the philosophy of education and we also welcome the precious suggestions from the concerned personalities to uplift the standards of education through the production of professionals to minister the need of our fast evolving society. Thank you.

Mr. Rajendra Raj Paudel